Saturday, January 5, 2013


Dear Readers,

I recently joined a bunch of feeds and had started getting a few people reading this blog. Sadly, a snag in the works has come up. My original computer is too old to run Second Life past 2.6 (which means no mesh) and LL has now decided that to log in you must have at least 3.0. For a time I was using a friend's laptop that was able to let me run SL pretty well with shadows on and everything but unfortunately this friend will be moving soon.

What does this mean? Well, this means that I will not be able to blog for a good amount of time (unknown) until either I replace my desktop or find another way to get on. I really enjoyed all that I did up til this point and really wish I wouldn't have to go on this forced hiatus.

I might be able to do one more blog post before the end of this week.

Where you can find me if you'd like:



  1. Have you tried Singularity? I couldn't get the SL viewer or Firestorm to run on my computer but Singularity works fine. Can see mesh, too.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion! I will definitely try it out. Cross your fingers!