Friday, March 28, 2014

Grab bag of End of the Month-ers

Hi again! Today was a grab bag helped out again by friends on Plurk. I ran around to several events such as Fifty Linden Fridays, The Attic and Depraved Nation's Luck of the Irish gacha event. Since the slump recently, I've been relying on several blogs and Plurk to help me find stuff. And they do no disappoint in the slightest.

Fifty Linden Fridays (Only today!)
Every Friday several creators put out items that are only 50L! Plurk led me to Seraphim's Blog
Lark - Aller Stool with pillows
Intrique Co. - Random Kindness - You do get the decor item, 2 huggie poses with the same item, a pair of earrings and the necklace.
Glam Affair - Mokatana  The Diva skin
double take - Take up in arms: all the things pose

Depraved Nation's Luck of the Irish gacha blog til the 31st
TP Location
Aledia Underby on Plurk said there was a St. Patricks Gatcha coming up so I looked for it and found this one. ^_^
! ellemeno ! undies gacha 50L - I got the Pegasus panties and they package a pair for boys and girls inside the box
Razor///Venus Spike Bra and Undies Gacha 50L - You didn't get the pair in the gacha, each one was random either you got underpants or a bra. This was fortunate because I just needed a top and BOOM got the Jade bra.
*Epic* Kawaii Sweet Goo Watches 75L - What better accessory then something cute? Plus why not get one in my favorite color!
[geek] Worn Out Puddle Hoppers 50L - I don't have slink feet yet so I'd rather not be showing off my nubby feets. Slip on a pair of orange rubber boots and I'm set.

My Attic @ The Deck blog til the 31st
TP Location
I have a few creators on my Plurk timeline and several mentioned that the Attic was open again. Only til the 31st! 
.ploom. 95L - Flick blues and greens hair - Of course there are natural colors and others besides blues and greens but you know those are the ones that I will pick.

Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh eyes (London Fog FREE COLOR) - head on into the store and look for the free color on the wall.

*edit* Nails are by Flair TP Location Watermelon - Free, in the front of the store.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Thank Arcade for waking me back up

Arcade and Plurk really. I keep tabs on what's going on in SL through plurk and everyone started to get excited for this round of Arcade which in turn got me excited. Click on the images to get a bigger view. Most Prices were 50L per play but there were some 75L and 100L.

Clockwise from Left
*mishmish* Breakfast food tray RARE
*mishmish* Foodies - Croissant
O.M.E.N Dear John Picture Frame
{LeeZu!] Sophia Sideboard Clouds
-tb- Spring Living - Wired Heart (White)
[*Art Dummy!] soma. (vintage swirl)
Zaara [home] : Copper frangipani bowl *pink*
.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -TypeWriter- RARE
.aisling. Bric-a-Brac Desk -Storage-
AF Reading Pile
Zaara [home] : Trunk table *taxi art*
Intrigue Co. - Cubimals: Frog
Schadenfreude bunbit: bones
Intrigue Co. - Plushie Pals: Ming the Manx
{vespertine - green suitcase books}
+Half-Deer+ Kerfluffle Sheep - Strawberry RARE

On Me
Clawtooth Girl Trouble - Blueberry Pie [12]
+Half Deer+ Aventine Horns - Wicked

Not at Arcade

Pink Fuel Sora <peach> - flushed 75L

Pink Fuel peach 100L

Belleza from a previous Arcade in Tara skin

Dead Apples Sorrow Eyes Group Gift

A.S.S SuperGlitter @ Slink West 49L 

Somnia Boffle Cardigan gift @ The Wash's Cart sale 0L
Sn@tch Mesh Ravage Undies 250L per MESH size

Hopscotch The Thing with the Ring 80L 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A slight change? Or continue as it is

The little bit that reads my blog will have definitely notice that it's been some time since I've made a post. Real Life, in a good way, has gotten in the way. Arcade just came up and I plan on doing an a post for that because it's one of my favorite events.

I've briefly thought about quitting the blog for awhile. I haven't had a stream of steady posts for quite some time and I'm not sure what I could do next.

If you have any suggestions please leave comments below.

 So after a little thought and some shopping at various events. I'm thinking there might be another post inside of me. It could be possible or I could be switching to a regular LOTD type of blog. Arcade had lots of things to buy but hardly any clothing which made me go on a search to find something to wear for the Arcade items I'd gotten.

That in itself was a bit inspiring!

Stay tuned tomorrow!

Sunday, October 6, 2013

So many pretties

 As a tom-boy even I can tell you that sometimes a good manicure makes you feel a hundred times better. What's better then a free one? (Must have Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands to wear)
(Te*Amo and D!va are in stores outside of the D!va store, just walk out from the landing and they are right nearby)

The fishing at Sn@tch produces two outfits, one of which I'm wearing along with boots from Duh! that came after joining the subscribo. (The prim socks are 10L extra and come with a color change hud )

 Fantasy Gacha Carnival is opening up soon and lasts til the end of the month. I believe I heard it was pushed back another couple days but don't quote me. 22769 made a few items 2 which are shown. The Alchemist Table and Chair are RARE items in the Gacha.
Fantasy Gacha Carnival:

I have to admit that sometimes I get over-excited about stuff and have to have it. Slink hands opened up Slink nails for me. Finding them over the grid has been fun. In-world, marketplace and given by friends. One of my plurk friends who creates for *~*Hopscotch*~* created animal print ones for 50L. There are a few in the set....but.. OMG COWS!! Do you see this?! Cow faces, cute little cow faces on my fingernails.... seriously.

The ring is from the .Pekka. gacha (50L) over in an event at the Jersey Shore sim which also included the wings from [ContraptioN]. The ring includes a HUD to change the stone. 
Jersey Shore:

Prices for items not listed vary, check before you click

Not free: 
Hair from Wasabi Pills (September Arcade)
Skin from Belleza (September Arcade)
Pose from aDORKable (no longer available)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Arcade for September is nearly over

The Arcade Gatcha events don't really have a theme but I inadvertently stumbled upon one when I put this "room" together. A cute little bedroom suite all on my photo backdrop. Bones and Rosa looked positively happy to share a room with the ever yappy Nanook based on the cute colors of pinks in the items I happened to get from the machines.
A jasmine scented candle flickers on a cute double set of tables that are separable. Keeping decorating ribbons in order is easy with a specially made shelf but even the tidiest of artists will have messy paints.
It's silly that I'm wearing my boots but I've fallen in love with them and wear them about even though its bedtime. Maybe because I might have forgotten something out in my car or just because dancing to my pink record is easier in them. I get distracted easily, hence why popup books are awesome for my attention span. So many pages just jumping out at you!
Ok, so it's not just the boots. Maybe I'm having a little time being silly with a fancy headband or just planning my day outfit and hairstyle. Who knows but it's nearly time for this makeup to come off before I rest up. 

Sweet dreams everyone!
The Arcade Website:
Shopping Guide:

Apple Fall Vanity Scented Candle in Jasmine 25L
Shadenfreude Rosa (RARE) and Bones 50L
Second Spaces Craft Room Ribbons and Paints 75L
Art Dummy Slumber. Vintage Coral 50L
ARIA Animal Stools Wheat 50L
Auxiliary Purrrfect Headbands in Tan 50L
Exile Just a Reason #12 100L
Floorplan. Record Player Vintage (RARE) 50L
Glam Affair Candy Skin in America 06 100L
House of Fox Rider boots in Chocolate 50L
Intrique Co. Plushie Pals - Puppy Pals: Nanook the Husky 50L
Lark Imaginarium Librarium Butterfly Popup! 50L
The Secret Store My First Cassette Player in Smurf 75L
Tee*fy Sleeping Kit Aurora Nightdress in Sky 50L
Trompe Loeil Lamps! Part 2 Oval Cutout Lamp 50L
Vespertine Autumn Party Attic Table Set in Yellow 50L

Non-Arcade Items:
Pose by aDORKable (no longer inworld)
Eyes by IKON in Sahara (a past group gift)

Monday, July 1, 2013

2nd Makeup & Tattoo Hunt prizes

Hunts are pretty self explanatory by now. Go to the store, find the hidden item to get the prize inside.
2nd Makeup & Tattoo Hunt 
Hunt Blog
Starts here : Adore&Abhor


  • Madrid Solo - Sinister Green makeup
  • CoLLisions - Scribe (across shoulders and down arms) 


  •  [ a.e.meth ] - face tattoo 
  • Suicide Girls - Sinner female Tattoo (across shoulders and down arms)
  • TaTToo PaRaDiSe - Key of the Dead (ribcage where spine turns into a key)

  • Zombie Suicide - Black makeup with cuts/scars and bruises


  • Corvus - Damned Eyeshadow

  • KOOQLA - Lost Verse face tattoo

Hair by Magika
Skin by Pink Fuel Arcade Exclusive
Bikini by Paper Doll Arcade Exclusive

Poses by aDORKable CLOSED using the Tillies Pose Stand and photobooth found here

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Arcade - June

(click on images for larger pictures)
So the studio let me throw a bunch of props in for this shoot. It ended up being quite eclectic because of Arcade. I had money to burn and loved getting surprises with each click. So many items that people were completely going nuts over and some I really wanted. My own place is pretty much filled with everything and nothing that matches so why not my photos? Even still.. It seems they do have an order to disorder. 

Items in these 2 pictures
  • Store Name - Set Name [item name] L's per play
  • aDORKable poses - Blooms Pose set w/prop flowers [4] 25L
  • Apple Fall - Breakfast at Tiffany's [lemon tea] 75L
  • Aria - Oolong Teacup Planters [cream, sunny] 25L
  • Art Dummy - Wake me. [black clock] 25L
  • BCC - Emma Apple Flats [ivory enamel] 75L
  • Clawtooth - That Pretty Lady Hair [blueberry pie] 75L
  • Conspiracy Theory - Cat Glasses [blue] 25L
  • Dead Apples - Thunder Eyes [volt] 25L
  • Floorplan - Sleepover Tent [citrus] 100L Antique Typewriter [pink] 50L
  • katat0nik - Wonderland Necklace [tweedles] 75L
  • o.m.e.n - Panda Sushi [pink cup] 50L
  • Ohmai - Teacup Piglet [pork patrol] 50L
  • Paper.doll - Ruffly Kini [peach] 50L
  • Pesca - Paille Pochette [blue stripe] 50L
  • Pink Fuel - Harley skin 100L
  • Pixel Mode - Bean Bag chair [mint] 75L
  • Schadenfreude - Dress Forms [Into the woods, Fezzes are cool] 50L
  • Second Spaces - Game Night [cribbage] 50L
  • tres blah - Vanity Items [brushes, compact, table] 50L
  • Yummy - Uber Cat cuckoo clock [yellow] 50L

Thanks to Shayariel Teardrop, Oakley Foxtrot, and Xaqueline Seda for sending me some items I really wanted. 

Sunday, June 9, 2013

2nd Makeup & Tattoo Hunt

Coming soon! 
Check out blog for more information and store list! 

I can't wait to see what's in store for this hunt. 

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Running Into Good Friends

Sometimes you go your whole SL without running into friends randomly in stores. Most of my friends are actually on plurk so it's even harder. A number of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Sileny Noel that began with a thump ;). A few days ago, MINA plurked about the newest group gift at the store. I'd never been there actually and decided that I wanted such a cute hair shown in the picture above. Joined the group for 200L and snatched that right up! I turned around to look at other hairs and SURPRISE!! Sileny was standing right behind me ^_^ Catching up in-world was fun but I only had the hair, I needed an outfit! This reminded me that Free*Style has a shop of great designers.

Shop Free*Style
Sn@tch [Ivey Deschanel] - After the Rodeo (top with prim sleeves and MESH skirt) 50L
lassitude&ennui [Jackal Ennui] - Stacked Pearls 0L
Pink Fuel [Mochi Milena] - Alena <Vanilla> - Azure 50L
Dilly Dolls [Oriana Kuhr] - Matilda Boots 50L
ibang! [Trieste Minuet] - F*S set A 10L

.Insufferable Dastard.VIP Group Gift eyes, (group slot) for the upcoming Mens Department (ID gives many gifts sometimes per month of mostly eyes)

RezIpsa Loc nails Gatcha was at the Shop Free*Style

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Look who's back?

I've heard a rumor that the Fantasy Faire is going to be open one more day til the 29th. This is great news if you want to go pick up some last minute items. 

I'm featuring store 22769 and the mesh items they have. These items are not free, they range from 120L to 220L, so check prices before buying. Each item also comes in several colors with many to choose from!

22769 ~ [femme] Queensdress Green 
22769 ~ [femme] The Bone Crown (mystic black) 

(click picture to enlarge)
Left: (top and bottom separate) 
22769 ~ [homme] Guard Jacket White/Red
22769 ~ [homme] Guard Pants White/Red

22769 ~ [homme] The Technomagician grey/orange 

Right: (top and bottom separate) 
22769 ~ [femme] Leader Pants Navy 
22769 ~ [femme] The Bone Crown (mystic black)
22769 ~ [femme] The Leader Jacket Grey 

Not free:
Picture 1: 
Pink Fuel Alyx <Hazel>  - WLH - Naughty (dkbrow)
Aphotic Gloom - Clarus Eyes (Lt Brown)Small
Glitterati model pack 12 - 114

Picture 2:
Pink Fuel Alyx <Hazel>  - WLH - Nice (dkbrow)
Glitterati model pack 12 - 116
[e] Flattery - Colour 08
Pink Fuel  Alyx <Hazel>  - WLH - Nice (dkbrow)

Glitterati model pack 32 - 318
Pink Fuel  Alyx <Hazel>  - WLH - Nice (dkbrow)
aDORKable Poses: Chill Dork Pack - chill 2

Eyes used:
Aphotic Gloom - Clarus Eyes (Lt Brown)Small